The idea for this multi-tiered project was born during a chance encounter in a Tokyo nightclub in October 2014, with the first event taking place at Berlin’s Watergate venue in the summer of 2015. It was clear from the beginning that an aspect beyond the regular club experience was necessary to provide the narrative for this project, thus the idea for the New Forms studio sessions was born. With support from the Red Bull studio in Berlin and in partnership with Native Instruments, we are hosting a session in Red Bull’s high-end facility in Kreuzberg. The objective: to produce a track under pressure and out of their usual comfort zone, that is going to be played at the club event later that day.

  1. While from the outside it might seem that New Forms is “just” a free-form club event for genres that share the Jungle DNA, it is actually much more akin to an incubator for new ideas, or a social club for like minded artists.
  2. Lineups are carefully curated so that forward thinking artists with a similar pedigree but disparate backgrounds have the chance to meet and interact not only in the club, but also in the studio.
  3. New forms is an event by artists, with the purpose of working together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice.
  1. In 2016 New Forms will expand geographically, with events being planned in new territories incorporating an exciting added roster of artists.
  2. We are working on ways for those who feel connected to the New Forms spirit to become an essential part of the experience.

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